Why Your Clients Need Occupational Accident Coverage

  • Posted on March 2, 2016
  • by Shawna Brooks

Traditional business insurance policies don’t cover all forms of accidents, injuries and deaths that occur in the workplace. If your clients hire owner operators to transport your loads, they aren’t covered under Worker’s Compensation. In the trucking industry, occupational accident coverage can prove crucial in protecting your clients and strengthening your book of business.

Occupational Statisticsshutterstock_2826279

Work related injuries, illnesses and deaths are more frequent than most business owners realize.

  • 160 million employees contract work related illnesses every year
  • 340 million employees are injured on the job each year
  • Over 2 million employees die each year from work related injuries

While safety management does reduce the number of accidents, companies still need to realize that accidents can and most likely will happen at some point in their organization – protection and preparedness are crucial.

Owner Operators Independent

Owner operators are independent contractors, which mean that they are responsible for their own health insurance. The fact that they are independent is also why owner operators aren’t covered under Worker’s Compensation.

Why Occupational Accident Coverage

If owner operators are independent, than why is it important for commercial trucking companies to carry occupational accident coverage?

The main reason why companies in the trucking industry need occupational accident coverage is that some employees are misclassified as independent contractors. If this is the case then an employer is responsible for medical expenses if an owner operator is injured while on the job.

Another important reason for carrying this type of additional insurance is that some owner operators may claim they are employees and hold the company liable if they are injured. Occupational accident coverage will protect businesses in these cases and take care of accident related medical expenses.

Protecting your clients is an important part of additional insurance coverage. To explore additional insurance products for your trucking clients, contact us.


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